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Secrets of Success

The 4 biggest secrets to success are in this post.  They will work for you if you use them. I did not go into great detail at this time but we will touch on them again.  They have been used before by all successful people. The power to be successful is within all of us, you can sit and cry in your beer or you can follow the proven secrets to success and live your dreams. maintain a positive mental attitude, believe in yourself A great motivator once said that what you believe, you can achieve.  It isn’t always...

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Guarantee success in your new online business

People ask all the time what’s the most important thing for them in their new online business.  It isn’t anything technical.  If you do not know about websites, capture pages, blogs, lead funnels, etc. then get involved with a company that will provide them, or you will waste a year trying to learn how to do it. I want to talk about the universal common traits of all successful business people. Many businessmen would tell you it is Persistence.  Persistence is super important. Too many people give up too soon.  You cannot fail at your new business, if you do not quit. My Uncle Lenny, a photographer, once told me it took him 20 years to become an overnight success.  I never forgot that.  The keyword there is success.  Uncle Lenny became a hugely successful photographer because he never quit, he never gave up his dream. But persistence is not the most important thing. Some say it is Enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is powerful and important for you to understand.  Enthusiasm sells! That’s what late night TV is all about.  That enthusiastic announcer, “it chops, it slices, it dices, it peels, it crushes ice, it cleans itself!”  Everyone of us has bought something because the salesperson was so enthusiastic about. No matter what your internet business, you are selling something, money has to change hands.  Nothing moves people more than someone...

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Why Everyone Fails

Successful people aren’t lucky, they  work at it, every day.  You don’t have to do a lot each day, but you need to do something.  Even 5 minutes a day can be the difference between success and failure.  After all these years I am still excited about building my internet business and look forward to working on it.  When results from my efforts begin to roll in, I really get excited and want to do even more.  The most motivating thing that will happen to you, is when you start making money.  Follow the free advice on this website...

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Why Your Friends Do Not Want You to Succeed

Getting friends,  relatives, and co-workers involved in your new business venture is tricky business.  There is a “catch 22” about it.  When you become successful, then everyone wants to join.  When you are building your business, everyone is waiting to see how you do.  What’s ironic is that if all the people waiting would come on board right away you would become super successful. You do not need your friend and relatives, it only take a few good people working together to create an unstoppable force headed for success. Believe it or not, some of your friends and relatives do not want you to succeed.  It is the same reason so many people are not living the American Dream.  They have no drive, they would rather complain about not being able to get ahead, then do something about it.  It is a lot easier to sit in the bar after work and have a beer then to work a couple of hours on their new internet business, which could get them to the point where they quit that day job they hate. They don’t want you to become more successful then them.  They want you to stay their “Bud” or BFF, not become one of those rich people with a new house and car, going on vacations, leaving them behind. Most of the time they don’t even realize how...

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Should I email everyone about my New Business?

Emailing everyone you know is not necessarily a good idea. If you are in some type of business now and it is a business type list, that might be OK. If you are in Facebook or one of the social networks,  tag you new business and put it on your page as a thing we “like”.  Never try to “sell” anything to anyone, Let them come to you. Something to remember is that you are always simply trying to get someone to your website.  Let your website do the selling and answer the questions.  If they decide to join , great, if not, that’s OK also.  As soon as you start making money, everyone will want to join. If you decide to email everyone you have an email address for.  Simply let them know you are excited about being in business for yourself and give them a link to your website. What do you put in an email?  That’s the million dollar question.  Some people like really simple emails, for example. Hi, I found this really easy method to make some extra cash. No selling, no investment, no mlm.  If you had found this I would have wanted you to tell me about it. So I am just letting you know.  You can check it out at: http://bob.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (your link would go here) Regards, (put your name below) You...

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