Four Secret of my Success. Read this entire page if you are serious about making money.

The 4 biggest secrets to success are in this post.  How they work for me and how they will work for you.  Read this post now if you are serious about making money

The number one secret to my success has been maintaining a positive mental attitude.  It isn’t always easy, and often is very difficult.  Something very important for keeping that positive mental attitude is knowing what you want.  Something like, I want a million dollars, is way too broad.  You need to crystallize your thinking and come up with a clear precise plan to achieve it.  Your goal and plan must be so clear that you can see yourself having achieved it already.

I want to earn $50,000 dollars in my new business by the end of the year and buy a house.  I will achieve this by distributing (whatever product or service you are involved with) and getting 12 new distributors (or salespeople, retail outlets, etc.) to work with me.  I will also set up a website and a blog.  I will post daily to my blog and place 10 ads a day to get traffic.  I will follow up daily with all leads.

OK, I think you get the idea.  The more detailed you can make your plan, the more crystallized your thinking will be, the more positive you will become, and the better the plan will work.

Read this plan aloud to yourself every morning and evening, yes, seriously, do it, and read it with conviction.

If you do not have a clear goal and a path to get there, your dreams will never become reality.  You can only stay positive if you have something to be positive about.  Start by deciding what your goals really are.

What have you been dreaming about, a new car, house, vacation, boat.  It is not enough to say a lot of money.  What is it you really want.  What have you always dreamed of having.  It has to be something you feel strongly enough about to turn it into a burning desire.

Once you know what you want, see yourself having already achieved the goal.  Visualize yourself in that new house with that kitchen you always wanted, the one with the double stainless convection oven, Viking gas range and built-in sub zero refrigerator.  Or see yourself driving your new corvette, the one in bright blue metallic with the Caribbean blue fade on the scoops, with the top down and your hair blowing in the breeze. 

Now make that dream a goal, and turn it into a burning desire.  This alone is a secret to success.  Dreaming about a house or car is not the same as making it a goal.  It is not a real goal unless you turn it into a burning desire.  A burning desire is something that you are obsessed with obtaining. 

Work at your new business plan with enthusiasm because you are on your way of achieving your goals.  The desire to build your business and achieve your goal should be so strong that you are always positive throughout the ups and downs.  You have a plan, follow it.  Believe you can do it, and you will do it, and never let negative thought in your mind.

Whatever you believe, you can achieve.

One last thing and I will end this way too long post.  I am not just telling you this, I live this, I know it works.  Years ago my first big goal was to move to Florida and buy a house with a swimming pool.  How I did that is a story for another day.  Second goal was a bigger house on the water, third was a boat, and fourth was a bigger boat.  A Euro styled aft cabin Express.  If you are not familiar with boats, that is  a really nice cabin cruiser.

I had a picture of the exact boat I wanted, in the colors I wanted, taped to my bathroom mirror.  Every morning and evening I would see what I was working towards as I read my plan aloud.  I would dream about how great it would be to have that boat and all the wonderful times I would share with my family and friends on that boat.  My wife and I would go to the boat show, stand at the helm of that boat and dream of flying across the ocean in the sunlight headed on vacation in the Florida Keys.

Nice boats are very, very expensive.  Even with all the success I had, people still laughed at me and my big dreams.  But I didn’t care, I always maintained a positive mental attitude and a plan to achieve my dreams.  I had a burning desire to own that boat, I was enthusiastic about my business plan, and I never give up.

You cannot fail, if you do not quit.

After I got the boat I hired a photographer in a helicopter to take a picture of my wife and I living our dream.  I wanted a picture of us on that boat flying across the ocean in the sunlight, headed for a vacation and an adventure. I have that picture hanging behind my desk in my office and another on the wall at home.

I am not smarter than you, and I am not luckier than you.  I turn my dreams into goals, make a plan, and I believe.  I believe I can do it, and you can do it too.

I am here to help you whether you are a member of my team or not.  Work on your goals, formulate your plan.  See you in Key West.

Why Everyone Fails

Successful people aren’t lucky, they  work at it, every day.  You don’t have to do a lot each day, but you need to do something.  Even 5 minutes a day can be the difference between success and failure.  After all these years I am still excited about building my internet business and look forward to working on it.  When results from my efforts begin to roll in, I really get excited and want to do even more.  The most motivating thing that will happen to you, is when you start making money.  Follow the free advice on this website and when that money begins to flow it will never stop.

The key to your success in the beginning is to do something every day while waiting for the results of your efforts to kick in.  Some people see the results almost immediately, which is great.  Others have the results build slower, do not loose faith, give it some time, it will happen.  Remember, you cannot fail, if you do not quit. When success comes, it will start to build and with your help can increase with great momentum.

We are going to assume that you have picked the right program or product to be promoting.  The #1 reason people fail to make money on the internet is that they picked the wrong program.  Many programs do not pay enough and take too long to start paying off.  Others have products no one wants or needs, or are way overpriced.  It is vital to your success that you be in a well run opportunity with good profit for you upfront,  plus residual income.

If you have not yet read the free report on “How to become Wealthy and Financially Independent with no investment”, click the banner on this page, read the report and see if you are in the right program and not just wasting your time and money.  Do this NOW, Being in the wrong program will waste your time, money, and worst of all, frustrate you.

The #2 reason most people fail, they do not do anything. When anyone tells me they are having a tough time of getting their business going, I ask this question, “What did you do to build your business today.  The key word in that question is “today”.  What did you do today!  Oh course the answer is usually “nothing”.

Once your business is up and rolling is different than when you are first building it.  I personally treat my business like I am building it even when it is rolling, that’s how businesses get huge.

Today is Saturday and I am sitting here writing this Blog post.  I like to write a few posts a week.  Blogs create free traffic, traffic is the lifeblood of making money on the internet.  Do you have a blog? This website, “Solid Money Makers” is a wordpress blog. WordPress Blogs are free, however you need a domain to put them on.  You can get a domain for $12 to $15 a year.  You also need to have the domain hosted, $5 to $7 a month.   There are some company’s that will do it all, which makes it much easier.

Having our own Blog is a way to establish your brand, a way to promote multiple offers.  Do not get one unless you have made a commitment to success.  Do not get one until you are sure you are in the right program and you are making  some money.

So what is the first thing you should be doing to make some money today, and tomorrow.  Get traffic. What is the second thing you should be doing.  Get more traffic.  What is the third thing you should be doing.  Get even more traffic.  Traffic is the lifeblood of making money on the internet. We will discuss ways to get traffic in another post.

#1  Find the right program, #2  get traffic, #3 get more traffic.

We will teach you how to find the right program and how to drive traffic to it, here on this website, for free.







Guarantee success in your new online business

People ask all the time what’s the most important thing for them in their new online business.  It isn’t anything technical.  If you do not know about websites, capture pages, blogs, lead funnels, etc. then get involved with a company that will provide them, or you will waste a year trying to learn how to do it.

I want to talk about the universal common traits of all successful business people. Many businessmen would tell you it is Persistence.  Persistence is super important. Too many people give up too soon.  You cannot fail at your new business, if you do not quit.

My Uncle Lenny, a photographer, once told me it took him 20 years to become an overnight success.  I never forgot that.  The keyword there is success.  Uncle Lenny became a hugely successful photographer because he never quit, he never gave up his dream. But persistence is not the most important thing.

Some say it is Enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is powerful and important for you to understand.  Enthusiasm sells! That’s what late night TV is all about.  That enthusiastic announcer, “it chops, it slices, it dices, it peels, it crushes ice, it cleans itself!”  Everyone of us has bought something because the salesperson was so enthusiastic about.

No matter what your internet business, you are selling something, money has to change hands.  Nothing moves people more than someone who is enthusiastic. Would you rather hang with someone always moping around, or someone always excited and enthused. But enthusiasm is not the most important thing.

How about Desire.  If you do not have desire, a burning desire to be a success at your new business, give up now.  You have to want it, really want it.  Why do some aspiring actors go to Hollywood and become famous while most never make it, Desire. You have to want it so bad  that you will go the extra mile to make it work.  Desire will give you Persistence.  If you have that burning desire, you will never give up.  Desire will also give you enthusiasm, it will pump you up and keep you motivated.  Desire should be at the top of the list, but it is not the most important thing.

So here is the answer, the single most important thing for you to become supper successful at your internet business. Positive Mental Attitude, PMA for short, is number 1. Positive mental attitude is absolutely number 1.  Nothing, nothing, can release the power within you to be successful and fulfill your dreams except positive mental attitude.   Do not under estimate the power of your mind.  PMA will keep the desire burning within you when nothing seems to be going right. PMA will keep you persistent and enthusiastic. A positive mental attitude will change your life, not just in business, but everything in your life will become better.  PMA will get you to believe in yourself, which will unleash powers within you didn’t even know you had.

More tomorrow on how to turn dreams into reality.