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Welcome to the best free money making blog on the Internet.  I have run a extremely successful marketing company for 30 years, and I am going to teach and show you everything you need to become wealthy and financially independent, for free.

All the other so called gurus just want to sell you their success course, usually $200 to $2000.  I am going to give you information worth 10 times that, for free.  I am here to show you how to you can achieve everything you ever dreamed.  Save your money for a real opportunity, stop buying courses, I am going to give you the real secrets of success, everything you need to succeed.

You can do this, do not for a moment think that you will never be super successful.  I am not smarter than you, I am not luckier than you, I did not have any money when I started, I only had one thing, desire.

One of the fist thing I did when I started out was distribute natural vitamins and supplements.  I used to show a film at the beginning of every sales meeting showing the manufacturing plants and a few words from the founder of the company.  I can still see him talking in my mind like it was yesterday. I hear his words, “Work for the other guy”.  To be honest, I didn’t get it.  I was young and ambitious and I was willing to help the other guy, but I was working for me, for me to become super successful.  I get it now, work for the other guy and it will come back to you.

I know that in the end by helping all of you, it will come back to me.  Welcome aboard, these are going to become the best times of your life.

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