People ask all the time what’s the most important thing for them in their new online business.  It isn’t anything technical.  If you do not know about websites, capture pages, blogs, lead funnels, etc. then get involved with a company that will provide them, or you will waste a year trying to learn how to do it.

My free report gives you the specific on starting your internet business.  I want to talk now about the universal common traits of all successful business people.

Many businessmen would tell you it is Persistence.  Persistence is super important. Too many people give up too soon.  You cannot fail at your new business, if you do not quit.

Some say it is Enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is powerful and important for you to understand.  Enthusiasm sells! That’s what late night TV is all about.  That enthusiastic announcer, “it chops, it slices, it dices, it peels, it crushes ice, it cleans itself!”  Everyone of us has bought something because the salesperson was so enthusiastic about.

No matter what your internet business, you are selling something, money has to change hands.  Nothing moves people more than someone who is enthusiastic. Would you rather hang with someone always moping around, or someone always excited and enthused. But enthusiasm is not the most important thing.

How about Desire.  If you do not have desire, a burning desire to be a success at your new business, give up now.  You have to want it, really want it.  Why do some aspiring actors go to Hollywood and become famous while most never make it, Desire. You have to want it so bad  that you will go the extra mile to make it work.  Desire will give you Persistence.  If you have that burning desire, you will never give up.  Desire will also give you enthusiasm, it will pump you up and keep you motivated.  Desire should be at the top of the list, but it is not the most important thing.

So here is the answer, the single most important thing for you to become supper successful at your internet business. Positive Mental Attitude, PMA for short, is number 1. Positive mental attitude is absolutely number 1.  Nothing can release the power within you to be successful and fulfill your dreams except positive mental attitude.   Do not under estimate the power of your mind.   A positive mental attitude will change your life, not just in business, but everything in your life will become better.

PMA will get you to believe in yourself, which will unleash powers within you didn’t even know you had.

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