The 4 biggest secrets to success are in this post.  How they work for me and how they will work for you.  Read this post now if you are serious about making money

The number one secret to success is maintaining a positive mental attitude.  It isn’t always easy, and often is very difficult.  Something very important for keeping that positive mental attitude is knowing what you want.  Something like, I want a million dollars, is way too broad.  You need to crystallize your thinking and come up with a clear precise plan to achieve it.  Your goal and plan must be so clear that you can see yourself having achieved it already.

I want to earn $50,000 dollars in my new business by the end of the year and buy a house.  I will achieve this by  setting up a website and a blog.  I will post daily to my blog and place 10 ads a day to get traffic.  I will follow up daily with all leads. And, I will distribute (depending on what product or service you are involved with) by getting 12 new distributors (or salespeople, retail outlets, etc.) to work with me.

OK, I think you get the idea.  The more detailed you can make your plan, the more crystallized your thinking will be, the more positive you will become, and the better the plan will work.

Read this plan to yourself every morning and evening, yes, seriously, do it, and read it with conviction. Some people even read it aloud to themselves.  If you do not have a clear goal and a path to get there, your dreams will never become reality.  You can only stay positive if you have something to be positive about.  Start by deciding what your goals really are.

What have you been dreaming about, a new car, house, vacation, boat.  It is not enough to say a lot of money.  What is it you really want.  What have you always dreamed of having.  It has to be something you feel strongly enough about to turn it into a burning desire.

Once you know what you want, see yourself having already achieved the goal.  Visualize yourself in that new house with that kitchen you always wanted, the one with the double stainless convection oven, Viking gas range and built-in sub zero refrigerator.  Or see yourself driving your new corvette, the one in bright blue metallic with the Caribbean blue fade on the scoops, with the top down and your hair blowing in the breeze. 

Now make that dream a goal, and turn it into a burning desire.  Dreaming about a house or car is not the same as making it a goal.  It is not a real goal unless you turn it into a burning desire.  A burning desire is something that you are obsessed with obtaining. 

Work at your new business plan with enthusiasm because you are on your way of achieving your goals.  The desire to build your business and achieve your goal should be so strong that you are always positive throughout the ups and downs.  You have a plan, follow it.  Believe you can do it, and you will do it, and never let negative thought in your mind.

Whatever you believe, you can achieve.

One last thing and I will end this way too long post.  I am not just telling you this, I live this, I know it works.  Years ago my first big goal was to move to Florida and buy a house with a swimming pool.  How I did that is a story for another day.  Second goal was a bigger house on the water, third was a boat, and fourth was a bigger boat.  A Euro styled aft cabin Express.  If you are not familiar with boats, that is  a really nice cabin cruiser.

I had a picture of the exact boat I wanted, in the colors I wanted, taped to my bathroom mirror.  Every morning and evening I would see what I was working towards as I read my plan.  I would dream about how great it would be to have that boat and all the wonderful times I would share with my family and friends on that boat.  My wife and I would go to the boat show, stand at the helm of that boat and dream of flying across the ocean in the sunlight headed on vacation in the Florida Keys.

Nice boats are very, very expensive.  Even with all the success I had, people still laughed at me and my big dreams.  But I didn’t care, I always maintained a positive mental attitude and a plan to achieve my dreams.  I had a burning desire to own that boat, I was enthusiastic about my business plan, and I never give up.

You cannot fail, if you do not quit.

After I got the boat I hired a photographer in a helicopter to take a picture of my wife and I living our dream.  I wanted a picture of us on that boat flying across the ocean in the sunlight, headed for a vacation and an adventure. I have that picture hanging behind my desk in my office and another on the wall at home.

I am not smarter than you, and I am not luckier than you.  I turn my dreams into goals, make a plan, and I believe.  I believe I can do it, and you can do it too. 

Work on your goals, formulate your plan.  See you in Key West.

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