Successful people aren’t lucky, they  work at it, every day.  You don’t have to do a lot each day, but you need to do something.  Even 5 minutes a day can be the difference between success and failure.  After all these years I am still excited about building my internet business and look forward to working on it.  When results from my efforts begin to roll in, I really get excited and want to do even more.  The most motivating thing that will happen to you, is when you start making money.  Follow the free advice on this website and when that money begins to flow it will never stop.

The key to your success in the beginning is to do something every day while waiting for the results of your efforts to kick in.  Some people see the results almost immediately, which is great.  Others have the results build slower, do not loose faith, give it some time, it will happen.  Remember, you cannot fail, if you do not quit. When success comes, it will start to build and with your help can increase with great momentum.

The #1 reason people fail to make money on the internet is that they picked the wrong program to promote.  Many programs do not pay enough and take too long to start paying off.  Others have products no one wants or needs, or are way overpriced.  It is vital to your success that you be in a well run opportunity with good profit for you upfront,  plus residual income.

If you haven’t read my free report yet, get a copy now. Read the report and see if you are in the right program.  Do this NOW, Being in the wrong program will waste your time, money, and worst of all, frustrate you.

The #2 reason most people fail, they do not do anything. When anyone tells me they are having a tough time of getting their business going, I ask this question, “What did you do to build your business today.  The key word in that question is “today”.  What did you do today!  Oh course the answer is usually “nothing”.

Once your business is up and rolling is different than when you are first building it.  I personally treat my business like I am building it even when it is rolling, that’s how businesses get huge.

Today is Saturday and I am sitting here writing this Blog post.  I enjoy writing blog posts.  Blogs create free traffic and traffic is the lifeblood of making money on the internet.  Do you have a blog? This website, “Solid Money Makers” is a wordpress blog. WordPress Blogs are free, however you need a domain to put them on.  You can get a domain for $12 to $15 a year.  You also need to have the domain hosted, $5 to $7 a month.   There are some company’s that will do it all, which makes it much easier.

Having our own Blog is a way to establish your brand, a way to promote multiple offers.  Do not get one unless you have made a commitment to success.  Do not get one until you are sure you are in the right program and you are making  some money.

So what is the first thing you should be doing to make some money today, and tomorrow.  Get traffic. What is the second thing you should be doing.  Get more traffic.  What is the third thing you should be doing.  Get even more traffic.  Traffic is the lifeblood of making money on the internet. We will discuss ways to get traffic in another post.

#1  Find the right program, #2  get traffic, #3 get more traffic.

We will teach you how to find the right program and how to drive traffic to it, here on this website, for free. If you haven’t done it already sign up for my free report on finding the right program and getting traffic.


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