Some opportunities have a big payoff if you recruit some sub affiliates under you that you earn commission on. Getting friends,  relatives, and co-workers involved in your new business venture is tricky business.  There is a “catch 22” about it.  When you become successful, then everyone wants to join.  When you are building your business, everyone is waiting to see how you do.  What’s ironic is that if all the people waiting would come on board right away you would become super successful and so would they.  Success breeds success..

You do not need your friend and relatives, it only take a few good people working together to create an unstoppable force headed for success.

Believe it or not, some of your friends and relatives do not want you to succeed.  It is the same reason so many people are not living the American Dream.  They have no drive, they would rather complain about not being able to get ahead, then do something about it.  It is a lot easier to sit in the bar after work and have a beer then to work a couple of hours on their new internet business, which could get them to the point where they quit that day job they hate.

They don’t want you to become more successful then them.  They want you to stay their “Bud” or BFF, not become one of those rich people with a new house and car, going on vacations, leaving them behind. Most of the time they don’t even realize how they really think, it is subconscious, and they do not even believe that regular people can get ahead.

Do not let anyone stomp on your dreams.  Not your parents, your friend, your relatives , or any other negative person you may run into.

Go talk to a “rich” person.  They not going to stomp on your dreams, they are going to tell you to go for it.  They are going to tell you you can do it.  They know you can do it, anyone can do it.  This is America, and it is still the country everyone all over the world is trying to get into.  Immigrants are still arriving penniless and creating fortunes for themselves.  They live the American Dream because they believe in it, they simply believe that America is still the land of opportunity.

Some Americans, on the other hand, talk about the greatness of America being behind us. They say the 99% can no longer become part of the top 1%.  Total BS.  You can have everything you ever wanted in life, as long as you are willing to work for it.  Opportunity in this country is as great as it ever was, you job is to find the right opportunity, and work at it.

With the exception of the lucky few who inherit their money, you have to put in some work and effort. Ask any successful person, they worked at building their business, especially at the very beginning.

Once you have some success, your friend will suddenly change their tune, they will want to know what you are doing and how you did it. Choose the people you tell carefully, most will want to join you and have you do all the work for them.

Never try to “sell” your friends personally, just send them to your website. If they can’t take the time to read the details, you don’t want them, and it insulates you from negative people.  Surround yourself with winners and you will become a winner.

Work with the few who did join with you, together you can all become winners.


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